Phase I Launch Date 2.20.08

February 20, 2008

Today is a big day for a couple of reasons:

A) A total lunar eclipse will take place before the day is over, and

B) The launch of Phase I of our new website will take place before the day is over.

Both are fantastically, huge occassions.

As you see on the LunaWeb site, Phase I is a literal, pencil sketch of what the entire redesign will look like. By the end of March, we will have created and launched the new site. Yes, it will be snazzy and fully interactive–but that won’t happen until the final launch. We wanted YOU to follow along with us as this whole crazy thing progresses to hear pros, cons, likes and dislikes. The sketch currently on the LunaWeb site gives great detail as to how the site design will look, but what you can’t see at this point is the flash components, as well as the video and other interactive pieces. Keep watching!


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