Inaugural SMB Memphis

March 5, 2008

We hosted the inaugural Social Media Breakfast (SMB) Memphis this morning. A group of 14 professionals (plus 1 participating via!) met to discuss ideas, ask questions and offer advice to one another—all focusing on the social media realm of communications.

This morning’s networking “un-conference” used an idea inspired by Social Media Breakfast New York, which brought online communities to life in Memphis. Participants used their social media “tool kits,” which included Post-It Notes, white stickers, two name badges and a pen, to create profiles along the wall of the dining room. On one nametag, people simply wrote their name—boring, huh? That’s where nametag #2 came in! On the second badge, people wrote their “personal taglines.”

Some included Twitter handles or blog titles, while some got more creative:

·         “Sidekick #2”

·         “My wife calls me…Einstein”

·         “Social Media Diva”

·         “Small business is BIG business!”

Just as online networking communities allow users to create a profile, the SMB Memphis networking community asked participants to create their profiles on oversized sheets of paper hung around the room. On those profiles, attendees could post messages and tags, just as in an online community.

***View photos of the profile fun***

SMB Memphis included professionals from LunaWeb, Inc., FedEX, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Southwest Tennessee Community College, the Small Business Chamber and entrepreneurs. All of these great minds came together and spoke freely about the various topics brought to the table, including the benefits of Twitter, a micro-blogging site, the dynamics of Facebook and the segmentation of professional and personal networking online.

Our first SMB was great, with a solid turnout and wonderful conversations. Fortunately, many attendees were eager to participate in sharing ideas and useful advice, which left little room for any awkward lulls in conversation! We’re looking forward to next month’s SMB Memphis, currently scheduled for April 2.

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