Memphis Child Advocacy Center Flag Raising for Slain Dotson Children

March 17, 2008

Four-year-old Cemario and two-year-old Cecil Dotson were memorialized by the Memphis Child Advocacy Center, Friday, March 14. The two brothers’ deaths were the result of a horrific and brutal crime that occurred in their home March 3. Now known as the “Lester Street Murders,” this gruesome story will not be forgotten by Memphis residents for quite some time.

Their young lives, as well as the lives of 4 adults in the home, were taken by the hands of their uncle, who now stands accused of their murders as well as the near-fatal assault on their three siblings, ranging in age from 2 months to 9 years old.

The Memphis Child Advocacy Center, a non-profit organiztion providing therapy for children who are victims of sexual and severe physical abuse, raises the Children’s Memorial Flag any time a child in the Memphis/Shelby County area dies as a result of abuse. The flag not only memorializes the child who died all-too-young, but also increases community awareness about the rampant problem of child abuse. Visit to learn more about this organization.

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