Earth Day Celebration

April 25, 2008

As a community supporter, LunaWeb is concerned and aware of environmental issues happening in the city of Memphis. To encourage the community to work together to better our city, LunaWeb created, a site dedicated to highlighting local environmental issues. provides a platform for visitors to submit eco-related questions, ideas, writing, photography and video.

EcoMemphis staff attended Shelby Farm’s annual Earth Day Celebration: Down to Earth. Visit the EcoMemphis blog for more videos and photos of the event.

 Watch this video about the Earth Day celebration from Eyewitness News 24.


Pictures of SMB #2

April 3, 2008

Check out the Social Media Memphis Facebook group to see pictures from yesterday’s breakfast!

“Analytics” was the keyword of the morning for our second Social Media Breakfast. Bob Hazlett and Emily Joyner discussed social media analytics, varying in topics from Facebook and Google to RSS Feeds and Social Bookmarking.

All attendees, even the newbies, participated at a high level, whether it was exchanging a new idea, bringing forth questions or admitting when they needed a little more explanation of a new tool or social network! The constant conversation and the open-flow of new ideas represent the spirit of the un-conference, which is highly encouraged at the breakfasts.

Soon, we’ll schedule a date for May’s Social Media Breakfast #3 and will definitely post in on the blog, as well as the Social Media Memphis Facebook group! 

This afternoon, we’re gearing up for tomorrow morning’s second Social Media Breakfast Memphis! The first breakfast was well-attended and provided great conversations and networking, so we only expect things to grow and move forward as we continue to meet.

Once again, the spirit of the “un-conference” will be alive, as attendees are encouraged to openly suggest topics and lead discussions when they have knowledge or ideas to lend. Memphis joins other big cities who are among the first in the nation to hold Social Media Breakfasts, including Boston, New York, Austin and the Twin Cities. Bryan Person, who created Social Media Breakfasts, does a wonderful job in promoting and lending expertise through his blog.

Social Media Breakfast #1 was covered in a Commercial Appeal article, which–no doubt–will help continue spreading the word about this trend in technology and how Memphis is keeping in stride with the rest of the country. Tomorrow’s breakfast will include a panel discussion by Bob Hazlett, Dave Barger and Emily Joyner. Attendees will also have a chance to discuss new tools they’ve found to be useful online, SXSW attendees will share their experiences and we’ll discuss opportunities for online interaction and networking among the Social Media Memphis group.

We look forward to a great turnout and productive discussion!