Wheels Spynning at StartUp Weekend…

May 31, 2008

Walk by a table and see brains churning as they practically bubble over with ideas to lend to the brainstorming session. Sit at that table and listen to the group, whether it is PR/Marketing or User Experience, and see lightbulbs actually going off over thier heads. Ok, maybe they are no lightbulbs shining over heads, but there might as well be.

The 100 or so great minds gathered together at LaunchMemphisStartUp Weekend are excited (and busy!) developing a business plan for a grassroots campaign to generate interest in a new social network presence. This network is unique and “organized” around the idea of unorganization. Interested yet?

While names, logos, business models and developments are still being worked out, the overall concept is set: A community, based on the Facebook template, uniting pickup-game players and encouraging them to join this network to rate other players and venues.

Focusing on underground sports lacking standard rules, leagues or organizations (mainly ultimate frisbee), this social community will provide a platform for players to connect with others who are on the same level as them, as well as find ways to improve their own games. StartUp Weekend is in full swing in Memphis, and there’s still a full day left! Keep checking back to see how the concept progresses–just watch out for random lightbulbs overhead.

LunaWeb is excited to be a founding partner of LaunchMemphis, and is highly involved with StartUp Weekend by overseeing the new media aspect of the weekend. By blogging, Tweeting, taking photos and shooting video, as well as joining in on the brainstorming, LunaWeb is utilizing social media to ensure that anyone who wants to participate can follow the process online.


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