Grassroots vs. Traditional Advertising?

June 2, 2008

What’s the point of starting a business if no one will hear about it? That’s right–there is no point. To be successful, word must spead and buzz must be generated.

There comes a time when every start-up business venture must decide how they will choose to generate their buzz. Word of mouth? Direct marketing? Traditional advertising? It’s a vital choice every organization must make, and a dilemma that has not escaped the marketing team at StartUp Weekend.

It appears that for this particular venture-creating a social community for ultimate frisbee pickup game players to rate the skills of other players-grassroots is the way to go. The target market is eclectic, bot young and old, resistant to organization–traditional advertising most likely will not be the most effective. The word of a friend or teammate will go farther than the message of a billboard or commercial.


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