Ways to Utilize Social Media

June 6, 2008

As members of the technology industry, it is important that we keep our clients up-to-date on the latest and greatest trends in technology, especially when they can benefit the client. Of course there are different needs for every client, and not each industry is going to have the same online marketing plan. We do our best to understand the specific needs of the client and develop recommendations based on those needs.

Two clients we have created social media presences for are BTE Racing and Mantia’s restaurant-two very different businesses in two very different industries. Therefore, the plans for each varied quite a bit.

Mantia’s, owned by Alyce Mantia, is a local mediterranean-style, cozy restaurant/international market that also hosts cooking classes and wine tastings. To show that friendly atmosphere to the online world, we wanted videos and photos galore. By promoting a Facebook presence in the restaurant, as well as using Facebook ads, we were able to grow the number of fans of the Facebook page. In less than one month, Mantia’s, the small, local favorite, had over 40 fans. The page itself was getting a great number of views, ranging from 20-150 per day, which we were able to find out using the Facebook insights. 

The short video (18 sec.) below appeared on Mantia’s Facebook page following her “Turkish Delights” cooking class.


BTE Racing, is an international company, manufacturing race car automotive parts for customers across the globe. To enhance the online presence of BTE, we created a Facebook page-also promoted by Facebook ads-a social network, blog and YouTube channel. BTE representatives maintain the creative content of the various entities, while we designed the customization of each platform and monitor the activity.




One Response to “Ways to Utilize Social Media”

  1. EPORIA said

    Interesting example of social media not being a one size fits all proposition. Different SM platforms will produce different results for different businesses. It is all really a matter of the right fit, just like any other marketing effort.

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