What Does Privacy Mean to You?

July 8, 2008

While surfing the Internet or checking e-mails, are you considering the automated spiders and robots surfing your personal Web content? Do you think about the fact that search engines, like Google and Yahoo!, are scanning your search terms, personal data and e-mail to store data for targeted advertising?

For many years Google was not openly telling its users that data storing and the use of cookies were occurring within Google search. However, after some public urging (including an article featured in The New York Times and a formal letter from privacy advocates), this week Google added a link to its own Privacy Policy, which explains to users they believe that “transparency and choice are the foundations of privacy.”

As you can see by visiting the homepage or on the image above, the link is very tiny and discreet, but there’s a reason behind that decision, of course! In Google’s corporate blog, VP Marissa Mayer explained that the link must be small and contain few words because Google founders required the homepage never exceed 28 words. Nonetheless, the link is there and the facts are outlined in detail. 

What are your thoughts about the privacy (or lack thereof) on the Internet?


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