Small Business Chamber Gets Social

August 20, 2008

We’re always happy to see people get excited about Social Media, and at yesterday’s Small Business Chamber Quarterly Membership Luncheon we were ecstatic!   More than 80 members and visitors packed into a conference hall to hear how their business can take advantage of new Social Media tools and to see the unveiling of the Chamber’s new Social Networking site.

Small Business Chamber President/Founder, Robert Staub, was quick to get the crowd excited about the opportunities this new tool would create, not only for small business owners, but for the entire Memphis area.  Chamber members were given the opportunity to have us make brief video clips to promote their business, as well as photographs to use on their Social Networking sites.

LunaWeb’s own, Dave Barger helped the audience find “Substance in the Chaos” with a great presentation that showed the business value of several Social Networking tools, including a quick tutorial on how to make use of the Chamber’s new site.  Afterwards he was able to answer questions from an eager group and several members shared success stories they had experienced while using Social Media.

Thanks to a great crowd and a great new site, we were able to spread the good news of Social Networking and help support a great project from the Small Business Chamber.


One Response to “Small Business Chamber Gets Social”

  1. Good work! I’d love to see more Memphis employers jumping into social media.

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