Twitter Gets Laughs and Results

August 25, 2008

Recently, we’ve been attending several events where we are called upon to give some insight into current events in the Social Media realm.  Throughout the process of documenting these speaking engagements, I’ve had the chance to watch the wide-range of reactions that are brought on by these types of discussions.  This has brought me to one unwavering paradigm of absolute and immovable truth…

Everyone laughs at the word “Twitter.”

If you don’t believe me, try it on your friends and co-workers.  It works!  The conversation will really start to turn south if you begin to throw in words like “Tweet,” “Tweet-up,” and (if your childhood was heavily influenced by Disney) “twitterpated.”

After the initial reaction, though, what is truly interesting is watching as people begin realize the massive impact you can have with a website that limits your entries to a meager 140 characters.  The initial reflex to giggle at, admittedly, funny vocabulary gives way to a “wow” factor that few sites can create.

Companies that are making good use of Twitter are being talked about, a lot.  Comcast, for example, is making leaps and bounds with its customer service by watching for tweets from unhappy Comcast users and responding, not eventually, but immediately!  These customers that were once broadcasting their unhappiness with their cable provider are now the ones preaching its virtues at meetings, blog posts, and, you guessed it, Twitter.

There’s no doubt that is a website with a funny name that is making a big difference!


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