Commercial Appeal Follow-up Post

November 30, 2008

Great thanks to the Commercial Appeal and writer Lisa Kelly Eason on the story, Social media gaining interest for networking that ran today.

[ ?posts_id=1531475&dest=-1]

This is a follow-up to that article specifically to acknowledging some key individuals (in no specific order):

Justin McGregor – – – Joan McGrory, PhDBeth Sanders
Joe Spake – – – Susan Mealer – – – Daniel Pritchett
Bob Hazlett – – – Debbie Neal – – – Melanee Hannock
Robert Staub – – – Eric Mathews

Sites to scope for Social Media in Memphis:


Social Media Memphis
Social Media Memphis FriendFeed
Memphis E-Marketing Group (Next meet: Thursday February 26, 2009)
Social Media Expedition

Local blogs to check out that have related posts:


Thankfully, more to come.


3 Responses to “Commercial Appeal Follow-up Post”

  1. Joe Spake said

    Great vid, Dave. Braving the elements to get the message out there! Thanks for the mention of @joespake, too.

  2. Great read! Is Ms. Eason a social media user herself? I’d love to follow some CA contributors on Twitter.

  3. lalunablanca said

    Joe – Thanks, the elements keep me talking fast. 🙂

    Daniel – I believe Ms. Eason is a user with close knit friends, and an observer. She was great to chat with.

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