Social Media Breakfast 9

December 4, 2008

smb9daveSocial Media is booming in Memphis, and we proved it at the December Social Media Breakfast!  50 guests, ranging from social experts to brand-new beginners, came to this month’s breakfast at Owen Brennan’s on Poplar.  Many of them were drawn by the breakfast’s recent mention in the Commercial Appeal.  This was the last breakfast of the year and it proved to be an incredible turnout.  The Memphis Social Media Breakfast is hosted by Dave Barger of LunaWeb.

The morning kicked off “officially” with a home-run presentation.  We were lucky to have Jason Orendorff from Mozilla as our guest speaker this month.  He showed us some great Firefox features and some very useful social tools built into the browser.  Jason also gave us insight into the intricacies of running a company like Mozilla using thousands of volunteers and a mere 150 paid employees.

smb9jasonAfter Jason’s presentation, we broke out into groups to discuss topics that were chosen by the audience in traditional BarCamp style.  Discussions included everything from “Social Media 101” to “What’s Broken on the Web.”  Several of the attendees left their groups with plans to meet again later in the month to continue their conversations.

We’re truly excited to watch our next project, the Social Media Expedition, evolve, and we foresee it bringing lot of positive growth to the Memphis business community and beyond.  If you were unable to attend, you can look for information on the next breakfast at our meetup page.  Make sure you’re there next month to join the Expedition!

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3 Responses to “Social Media Breakfast 9”

  1. Blake and Dave:

    Good to see that the breakfast series — and social media! — has continued to flourish in flourish. Wishing you the best as this evolves into the Social Media Expedition in 2009!

    Bryan Person | @BryanPerson
    Social Media Breakfast founder

  2. […] LunaWeb’s official recap Presumably by Dave and Blake, and with a cameo by SMB founder Bryan Person! […]

  3. lunaweb said

    Thanks Bryan! The Social Media Breakfasts have been great for sharing what Social Media can do. Kudos to you!

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