LunaWeb President/CEO will serve as the commencement speaker this evening for the graduating class from ITT Technical Institute. As a technology leader in Memphis, Barger could most likely share advice and stories from this industry for hours upon hours. But tonight his message will highlight lessons to benefit a much greater area-the industry of life.

It is vital for young professionals to realize that competition is fierce in every field, and those who remember that nothing is handed to you and common courtesy still takes you miles will find themselves with much greater successes. Barger also wants the class to understand that life will be more fulfilling if you follow your passions, not chase money. Contentment and happiness come from doing something you love and sharing that passion with others.

Now, more than ever, there are many shifts in our world. No longer does everyone work in their hometown and no longer does every employee clock in at the office each day. There is a great shift occurring in our world-employers are outsourcing jobs across the globe because things can get done faster and cheaper. It’s a tough competition, which is why young professionals must constantly be on the ball–have resumes available, show up on time to job interviews, be honest and follow through on promises.

Yes, although these graduates are beginning fast-paced lives in the ever changing industry of technology, they still must remember that some things-like strong work ethics, honesty and integrity-will always be important skills to have.