After many hours, delays and modified direction over the past two years, we have proudly launched our new website at It’s a complete redesign from our old site, and it connects with several new dimensions of our online presence.

LunaWeb Home Page

LunaWeb Home Page


We’ve changed from the old design completely to include a much more colorful interface and Flash on the homepageĀ  to keep things interesting – but if you don’t have Flash, don’t worry, you’ll get a static image. We tried to create an updated, clean and friendly overall look.

Social Media

Social Media made a huge impact on our new presence. We took advantage of tools which allow us to make the site more interactive and conversational. We’ve brought in a Twitter feed that not only shows our tweets, but shows what others are saying about us. Videos that we switch out occasionally will be featured prominently. We also have links thatĀ give you one-click access to several of our Social Networking presences so you can join us in the conversation.

New Pages

You’ll find a few new pages on the site that we’re especially proud of. Primarily, new content reflecting our Social Presence offering (we have the most experienced and largest department of Social Media in Memphis). You will also find a link straight to our blog (this very one), which we regularly update with related information. There is also a portfolio page that will give you a quick peek at some of the websites we’ve created for our clients.

There’s a lot more new to be seen. Thank you for taking a look at our new home. We hope you like the changes.

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